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Single issues / Plantnutritioncourier 2021-02

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Arable farming
Foliar-applied magnesium enhances wheat growth in acidic soil
Intercropping legumes and cereals increases phosphorus use efficiency
Phosphate seed dressing and foliar application as replacement for soil application
Rainfall-optimised nitrogen strategies for maize

Fruits and vegetables
Grafting tomato onto potato improves salinity tolerance

Plant and soil analytics
Sensor reads plant health from electrical current through tissue
Satellite can accurately estimate cover crop biomass

Soil matric potential controls nitrogen release from coated urea
Growing degree days indicate nitrogen release from polymer-coated urea
Nitrogen improves efficacy of foliar-applied selenium
First steps of phosphorus release from fertiliser granule visualised
New nitrification inhibitor solubilises soil phosphate
Sulphate or sulphur: it depends on climate and application method

Sorbitol improves performance of silicon foliar fertilisers
Salicylic acid improves silicon uptake in peanut
Strawberry benefits from silica mechanocomposite
In vitro- and greenhouse-grown petunia respond differently to silicon-based fertiliser

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