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Attractive platforms to advertise your plant nutrition related products and services


The Plant nutrition courier free issue and its email newsletter are attractive platforms to advertise your products or services.



Advertisements in the Plant nutrition courier are published in six consecutive issues including one free issue (see green arrows below).

Plant nutrition courier publishes annually a new free issue on its website. Specialists in the field of plant nutrition research will be informed about this free issue through an email newsletter. Email newsletters are also used to announce the publication of regular new issues of the Plant nutrition courier.
The free issue and the email newsletter are platforms where suppliers can advertise products and services that are related to plant nutrition. Examples of related products: fertilisers, equipment for fertiliser application, soil and plant analytical equipment. Examples of services: advisory, diagnostics, research and development.

Plant nutrition courier (six times per year including free issue on website)
Advertisement is logo with hyperlink in one of the categories (fertiliser manufacturers, suppliers, individual fertilisers, laboratories, laboratory equiment, sprayers, or spreaders etc.).
Price: € 75.00 ex VAT per logo
Dimensions logo: bxh = 5.5 x 1.5 cm to 5.5 x 2.5 cm
Click here for current free issue (advertisements on page 34)

Email newsletter (published several times per year)
Advertentisement is logo with hyperlink
Price: € 125.00 ex VAT per insertion
Dimensions logo: bxh = 520 x 80 pixels to 520 x 150 pixels
Click here for an example

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