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Single issues / Plantnutritioncourier 2020-04


Arable farming
Ammonium triggers formation of lateral roots

Potato nutrition
Tuber nitrogen content is risk factor associated with tuber greening
Nutrient balance reflects nutritional status of potato
New indices for potato nitrogen status and tuber quality

Plant and soil analytics
Previous-year phosphorus nutrition index indicates phosphorus fertiliser need of maize
Arginine concentration indicates nitrogen status of peach
Soil nitrite concentrations indicate hotspots and hot moments of nitrous oxide emissions
Automated detection of nutrient deficiency in greenhouse-grown crops

Fluid phosphate fertiliser performance in calcareous soil is best at a low concentration
Fertosphere-pH crucial to plant-availability of banded phosphorus
Foliar-applied urease inhibitor starves plant-pathogenic fungi

Ornamentals, fruits and vegetables
Foliar-applied manganese reduces green peach aphid fitness in bell pepper
Selenium enhances accumulation of glucosinolate-related compounds in pak choi
Adjusting nutrient solution allows growth at low pH to limit root rot spread

Excess manganese in soybean and sunflower binds to silicon in cell wall
Silicon mitigates water deficit stress in transplanted pre-sprouted sugarcane seedlings
Importance of silicon for legumes underestimated

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