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Single issues / Plantnutritioncourier 2021-03


Cover crops
Every day counts for late summer sown cover crops
Editorial: A cover crop is a full crop

Arable farming
Higher soil temperatures increase phosphorus mineralisation
Foliar-applied phosphate corrects phosphorus-deficiency in maize rapidly
Iodine has properties of a plant micronutrient

Potato nutrition
Potato cultivars differ in zinc accumulation in tubers
Potato benefits from phosphite in several ways

Fruits and vegetables
Zinc fortification of leafy vegetables on hydroponics
Apple trees take up most nitrogen from pre-harvest applications

Plant and soil analytics
New soil nitrate sensor
Satellite can help find wheat fields for variable rate application of nitrogen fertiliser

Iron humate and synthetic iron chelate act synergistically
Experimental slow-release boron fertilisers
Quality of European struvite assessed
Lab methods assess phosphate runoff risk of surface-applied fertilisers

Rhizobia, mycorrhizae and other beneficials
Soil microbes can boost vigour of hybrid maize

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