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Single issues / Plantnutritioncourier 2021-01


Potassium fertilisation in the perspective of human health
Hidden hunger for potassium
Hypertension prevalence reflects soil potassium status
Little research on potassium biofortification
Low-potassium fruits and vegetables for chronic kidney disease patients

Arable farming
Optimal pH for phosphate uptake scrutinised

Deep NP banding enhances growth of Rosa multiflora

Fruits and vegetables
Low spray retention not fruit surface hinders calcium uptake in sweet cherry fruit

Plant and soil analytics
Debate about usefulness of soil analysis for fertiliser recommendations

New test to evaluate cuticle penetration of foliar fertilisers
Acidifying carrier for struvite and phosphate rock
AVAIL polymers differ in solubilising soil phosphate
Boric acid retards urea hydrolysis and improves performance of nitrification inhibitor DMPP

Maize roots attract bacteria that stimulate root branching

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