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Single issues / Plantnutritioncourier 2020-03


Arable farming
Ammonium nitrification increases manganese availability in calcareous soils
Scientists find new benefits of chloride
Nitrogen strategies for wheat for biscuit production

Potato nutrition
Optimisation of potassium supply to potato increases nitrogen use efficiency

Plant and soil analytics
Initiative for new phosphorus fertiliser recommendation system for intensive vegetable crops
Carbon dioxide flush from rewetted soil predicts nitrogen mineralisation
Grain analysis reveals nutrient deficiency
Indicator for soil nitrogen supply of peat grasslands
New indicator for early diagnosis of nitrogen deficiency

Nanoparticle charge and solubility control its uptake and distribution
Ozonized biochar unlocks insoluble phosphate

Calcium chloride enhances drought stress tolerance in viola

Fruits and vegetables
Foliar-applied molybdenum can enhance apple calcium status

Rhizobia, mycorrhizae and other beneficials
Rhizosphere bacteria mediate secretion of root exudates

Climate change
Agriculture’s contribution to greenhouse gas emission questioned

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