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Single issues / Plantnutritioncourier 2020-01


Arable farming
Nanosized nutrients suppress soybean disease

Potato nutrition
Potassium phosphite alleviates heat stress in potato
Precision phenotyping of potato varieties in an aeroponics system

Plant and soil analytics
Same nutrient value tested, different fertiliser rates recommended
Following the path of foliar-applied nutrients
Nitrogen indicator for mixed grass stands

Low salt index for polyhalite fertilisers
Sophisticated carriers for slow-release of entrapped nutrients
Biodegradable iron chelate fertilisers of bacterial origin
Sodium glucoheptonate can replace less degradable chelates

Foliar-applied calcium protects petunia against Botrytis blight
Selenium extends vase life of Easter lily

Fruits and vegetables
Optimal time for foliar application of calcium in blueberry
Salinity and silicon together improve tomato fruit quality

Silicon alleviates iron deficiency stress in monocot crop
Wheat cultivars differ in silicon use efficiency
Silicon alleviates detrimental effects of wheat blast
Silicon makes wheat and barley more heat stress tolerant

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