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Single issues / Plantnutritioncourier 2019-06


Arable farming
Antagonistic role of ammonium questioned
Midwestern researchers: Soil fertility, not yield expectations determines need of nitrogen
Site-specific liquid nitrogen injection

Potato nutrition
Potato tuber skin improvement by late polyhalite application
Firmer French fries with in-season calcium application

Greater ornamental value with mild phosphorus deficiency

Plant and soil analytics
Soil analysis with sophisticated sensor technologies
Fluorometer detects potassium, magnesium and calcium status
Prebloom spur leaf indicator for boron requirement in apple

Fertilisers and fertiliser testing
Test evaluates nutrient release kinetics of granular fertilisers
Rapid low-cost method to evaluate nutrient release from polymer-coated fertilisers
Rapid analysis of compound fertiliser composition

Amorphous silica increases plant-available water in soils

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