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Single issues / Plantnutritioncourier 2019-03


Arable farming
Subsurface fertiliser banding reduces winter loss of nutrients
Cover crop mixtures for nitrate catching and nitrogen supplementation
High zinc content in seeds increases stress tolerance

Potato nutrition
Single threshold leaf SPAD value for different potato cultivars

Fruits and vegetables
Nano-pyrite root priming improves root system

Plant and soil analytics
Device and method for cation and CEC measurements
Yield-based nitrogen fertiliser recommendations under criticism

System for applying labelled anhydrous ammonia in field experiments
Molecular weight determines polyaspartic acid performance

Mycorrhizae and other beneficial microorganisms
Deep-rooted crop irrigates shallow-rooted intercrop via mycorrhizal network
Mycorrhizal inoculants branded as invasive species

Silicon benefits unstressed rapeseed
Silicon over-fertilisation may increase risk of sodium stress on sodic soil

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