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Single issues / Plant nutrition courier 2018-03

Contents Plant nutrition courier 2018-03

Arable farming
Locally raised C:N ratio reduces sugarbeet damping-off
Nickel sulphate helps to protect soybean against powdery mildew
Foliar-applied nickel increases barley grain yield
Zinc fortification improves seed vigour
Zinc seed priming makes maize more salt tolerant
Potassium counteracts phosphorus-induced zinc deficiency

Potato nutrition
Drought-stressed potato needs balanced nitrogen nutrition
Potato affects common scab inoculum probably via soil chemical properties
Daily fertigation of urea phosphate
Nitrogen response of potato cultivars selected for low reducing sugars and acrylamide-forming potential
Hardly any benefit with calcium nitrate in aeroponically-grown potatoes
Publications about potato nutrition research

Grass and forage
Dry summer increases risk of nitrate leaching from pastures

Fruits and vegetables
Controlled chilling stress enhances nutrient content of cauliflower curds
Selenium counteracts synthesis of anticancer compound in broccoli
Low soil nitrate after vegetable harvest is feasible
Yearly molybdenum gift reduces nitrogen losses
Glycine-nitrogen enhances nutritive value of lettuce
LED light spectrum affects nutrient uptake in greenhouse-grown lettuce
Magnetic phosphate solution
Behaviour of zinc in almond tree investigated

Ornamentals and turf
Cerium extends vase-life of rose cut-flower
Iron fertilisers reduce topramezone injury of bermudagrass
Sensor-based monitoring of nitrogen status of ornamentals requires precision

Plant and soil analytics
Every plants its own diet
Measuring organic matter content of calcareous soils with loss on ignition method
Sensor-based monitoring of nitrogen status of ornamentals requires precision

Urea formaldehyde with improved nitrogen release rate
Various experimental urea fertilisers tested
New slow-release nitrate fertiliser
Granular urea as carrier for zinc fertiliser
Elemental sulphur enriched with rock phosphate and oxidizing microbes
Additive improves performance of low-grade rock phosphate
Potassium amino acid complex as foliar fertiliser
Zinc lignosulfonate and zinc EDTA compared
New iron ligand discovered in cereal-associated bacteria
Plea for more involvement of fertiliser industry in nanotechnology

Plants harness microbes to get nutrients

Publications about potato nutrition research
Publications about new, experimental and potential fertiliser formulations
Publications about plant nutrition research

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