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Single issues / Plant nutrition courier 2017-06

Contents Plant nutrition courier 2017-06

Rhizosphere conditioner enhances nutrient uptake

Arable farming
Major study on nitrogen fertilisation of maize
Alfalfa interseeding at maize planting requires specific measurements
Seed treatment with chelates

Potato nutrition
Publications about potato nutrition research

Fruits and vegetables
Lettuce grown with treated wastewater

Plant and soil analytics
Decomposing tea bags reflect soil health
Improving the sensitivity for ionic solutes analysis
Simultaneously estimation of some nutrients and CEC of soil

Fertilisers and organic fertilisers
Efficient way to filter ions from water
Nitrogen-saving fertiliser additive
Struvite in the spotlight
Lettuce grown with treated wastewater
Thermal conversion process affects phosphorus availability
Hyperthermophilic composting kills antibiotic resistance-carrying bacteria

Designing microbial communities to help plants battle nutritional stress
Biofertiliser from sewage sludge ash and phosphorus-solubilising microorganisms

Scientists suggest silicate rock application for CO2 sequestration

Soil organic matter and mineralisation
“Microbial traits determine abundance of soil organic matter”
Nitrogen mineralisation in a different light

Plant nutrition on the web
Science of Agriculture

Publications about potato nutrition research
Publications about plant nutrition research

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