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Single issues / Plant nutrition courier 2017-05

Contents Plant nutrition courier 2017-05

Arable farming
Roots respond differently to nitrogen forms
Combination of root exudates enhances phosphorus acquisition
Catch crops trigger nitrogen uptake by soil microorganisms
Potassium deficiency reduces photosynthesis, not stomatal regulation
Legumes need magnesium for nitrogen fixation
Sugar beet can recover from magnesium deficiency
Zinc seed dressing improves oilseed rape growth
High light stress aggravates impact of manganese deficiency in maize
Selenium delays sensecence in oilseed rape
Transporters regulate destination of nutrients
Silicon reduces nitrogen-deficiency stress in oilseed rape

Grasses need long roots to cope with declining phosphorus rates

Fruits and vegetables
Salicylic acid increases selenium uptake
Foliage best route to fortify strawberry with iodine
Organic iodine effective for biofortification

Plant and soil analytics
New imaging methods follow route of radiolabelled nutrients in plants
New tool to determine available nitrogen in soil
Early prediction of protein content in spring wheat
Tool to determinate absolute element concentrations in plant tissues
Portable phosphorus determination in forage and manure
Engineers make wearable sensors for plants

New phosphor foliar fertiliser as replacement of phosphate application via soil
Zinc foliar fertiliser found to enter leaves mainly via cuticle
Surfactants tested for use with Zn IDHA
Tropical soil improvement with Greenlandic rock flour
Zn-[S,S]-EDDS outperforms Zn-EDTA

Research into cause of mycorrhiza-suppressive soils

Silicon reduces nitrogen-deficiency stress in oilseed rape

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