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Single issues / Plant nutrition courier 2016-5-6

Contents Plant nutrition courier 2016-5-6

Plant nutrition courier 2016-5-6 is a double thick issue

Arable farming
Magnesium deficiency reduces seed size and quality in wheat
Undersown frost-sensitive legume supplies oilseed rape with nitrogen
Chloride enhances frost tolerance in winter canola
Small amounts of ammonium increase maize growth
Micronutrients alleviate biuret phytotoxicity
Chloride doesn’t antagonize nitrate in young maize
Fertiliser placement examined
Molybdenum can replace nitrogen side-dressing in common bean

Potato nutrition
Potato cultivars differ in phosphorus response
Potato profits from mycorrhiza
Inter-row subsoiling increases nitrogen uptake in potato
Publications about potato nutrition research

Grassland on fertile soil at risk of yield reduction with balanced phosphorus nutrition
Strategic timing of nitrogen application based on rainfall forecast

Fruits, vegetables and ornamentals
Iron biofortification: be aware of reactive oxygen species
Elevated levels of potassium improve lettuce quality
Calcium biofortification
Iodine biofortification: iodide outperforms iodate
Iron ameliorates drought stress effects in fennel
Soy-based biocontainer reduces need for fertiliser application

Plant and soil analytics
Crop model assists nitrogen management decisions
Drone-carried cameras detect potassium deficiency in oilseed rape
Seed potassium concentration reflects potassium state of soybean at maturity

Flipping the switch on ammonia production
Blend of fluid MAP plus APP combines best of both fertilisers
Complexed SSP suspected to outperform SSP most on low organic matter soil
Phosphorus fertiliser from nanostructured water-phosphorite suspension
Phosphate-sparing effects of previous phosphate fertiliser application
Struvite granule size and placement matters
Sulphate and carbonate can increase phosphate availability in calcareous soils
Three iron chelates compared
Iodine can enhance stress tolerance and fertiliser efficiency
Plea for nano-sized foliar fertilisers
Micronutrient fertilisers from industrial waste

Publications about potato nutrition research
Publications about plant nutrition research

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