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Single issues / Plant nutrition courier 2016-3

Contents Plant nutrition courier 2016-3

Plant nutrition courier 2016-3 is an extra thick issue on Silicon and plant stress

Arable farming
Silicon reduces metal stress in many ways
Silicon mitigates ammonium toxicity
Stress can induce silicon accumulation
Silicon helps with salt and drought stress
Alleviation of micronutrient deficiency
Silicon moderates effects of potassium deficiency
Iron-deficient barley mobilises silicon from minerals
Drought-stressed maize profits from silicon
No effect of silicon on bending stiffness found
Foliar-applied silicon reduces chilling stress in maize
Seed priming is promising silicon treatment
Silicon application reduces wound stress
Silicon improves seed setting in intersubspecific rice hybrids

Potato nutrition
BD 501 (quartz sand) affects potato tuber

Fruits and vegetables
Silicon biofortifcation of leafy vegetables
Silicon maintains turgidity of stored American lettuce
Silicon improves storage life of plum
Limited effects of silicon in salt-stressed grapevines
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus increases silicon uptake
Enhanced PRSV resistance in cucumber
Alleviation of autotoxicity in cucumber

Silicon improves turfgrass drought tolerance
Silicon reduces whitefly in chrysanthemum
Bulblet regeneration in lily
Silicon increases success of plant tissue culture
Silicon improves flowering at low phosphorus dose
Silicon improves ornamental value of three bedding plant species

Phyllosilicates as potassium fertilisers
Alternative route to potassium silicate
Lignocellulose-based silicon fertiliser
Potassium silicate drilling fluid as fertiliser
Silicate solubilising bacteria with biocontrol properties
Polymeric sodium silicate reported to outperform monomeric form

Slug and snail control
Silica acts as molluscicide

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