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Single issues / Plant nutrition courier 2016-1-2

Contents Plant nutrition courier 2016-1-2

Plant nutrition courier 2016-1-2 is a double thick issue

Plant nutrition apps and more
Is there an app for that?

Nutrients transport
Evidence for 86-year-old hypothesis about phloem transport of nutrients

Arable farming
Modern corn hybrids more resilient to nitrogen stress, may profit from split nitrogen applications
Precrop determines root diameter of subsequent crop
Small phosphorus dose on rice nursery bed
More zinc to seeds

Potato nutrition
Indicator for phosphorus status of potato crops
Old and new potato cultivars differ in nitrogen response
Drone flights for sensor observations in potato fertilisation trials
Publications about potato nutrition research

Fertiliser strategies for consumer phase of landscape plants

Fruits and vegetables
Improved spinach nutritional value with low fertiliser levels or slight salt stress
Selenate protects tomato against postharvest decay by gray mold
Zinc sulphate mitigates peach gummosis

Plant and soil analytics
Better soil data key for future food security
Excess phosphorus detectable in cow faeces
Indicator of soil nitrogen supply
Standardization of biochar analysis
Using espresso machines for soil analysis

Micronutrients just delivered in time
Micronutrient chelate mixtures for soilless cultures at high pH
Granular NPK coated with manganese
Scientists develop method to produce ammonia using sunlight
Foliar-applied zinc oxide aerosol may enhance phosphorus uptake
Seed coating with micron- and nano-scale zinc oxide
Zinc-amino acid chelates for seed priming differ in yield and quality effects
Copper sulphate is toxic to stingless bees

Phosphorus fertilisers, recycling and mobilisation
New process for environmentally friendly phosphorus recovery
How APP outperforms MAP and DAP on calcareous soils
Special issue on phosphorus use and mobilisation strategies
Huge phosphorus ‘tax’ on intensification of tropical farming
Mapping the alarming loss of phosphorus in global grasslands

Organic fertilisers, organic matter
Sludge-derived fertiliser can pose risk to human fertility, sheep study finds
Manure injection below maize seed row
Torrefied biomass improves poor soil
Terra Preta in West Africa

Rhizobia, mycorrhizae and other beneficials
Plant turns fungal plant pathogen into a potentially beneficial organism
Plants force fungal partners to behave fairly
Plant growth responses to high carbon dioxide depend on symbiotic fungi
Bacteria produce nitrogen in plant tissue
Nitrogen fertiliser alters relationship between rhizobia and their host plants

Climate change
Farms have become a major air-pollution source
‘Climate-smart soils’ may help balance the carbon budget

Publications about potato nutrition research
Publications about plant nutrition research

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