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Single issues / Plant nutrition courier 2015-4-5-6

Contents Plant nutrition courier 2015-4-5-6

Plant nutrition courier 2015-4-5-6 is a triple thick issue

Arable farming
Tillage timing influences nitrogen availability and loss
Additional nitrogen reduces yield decline following no-till adoption
Cereals profit from biopores by taprooted precrops
Cations cause aging of superabsorbents
Old en new maize hybrids differ in nitrogen uptake
Nitrogen makes maize more heat-senstitive
Wheat response to nitrogen form depends on soil fertility
Zinc status affects soybean pests and diseases differently
Phosphorus concentration in root tips affect aluminium tolerance
Different plant nutrition strategies throughout the crop’s life cycle

Potato nutrition
Biochar can ameliorate salinity stress in potato
Sulphur application increases P and K uptake and tuber content
Kieserite versus calcined magnesite
Potato cultivars differ in phosphorus response
Herbicides and tillage systems affect potassium uptake by potato
Publications about potato nutrition research

Fruits and vegetables
Phosphorus essential for tasty strawberry
Selenium fortification of transplants through selenium-enriched substrate
Salt-stressed mungbean profits from selenium
Selenium improves photosynthesis of fruit crops
Ammonuim effects on apple leaf composition
Foliar with nano-sized calcium carbonate
Calcium foliars compared
Nano-sized nutrients may boost tomato growth and antioxidants

Lisianthus benefits from calcium amino acid chelates
Nutrient loading improves drought tolerance of outplanted woody ornamental
Substrate pH affects efficacy of ethephon drench
Gardenia growing at reduced fertiliser rate
Urea plus acids extend vase life of gerbera
Lanthanum delays senescence of Easter lily
Zinc improves vase life of Oriental lily

Medicinal plants
Deficiency symptoms in Achillea millefolium

Plant and soil analytics
Small soil pores inhibit phosphate release
Vitamin B6 reveals nitrogen status of plants
Measuring nutrient buffering capacity
Foliar nutrient concentrations vary during the day
Molybdenum blue reaction for orthophosphate determination revisited
Sampling strategy for band-injected slurry
Soil sample timing matters

Quick test of polymer-coated urea prill damage
Mapping the performance of sulphur-enhanced fertilisers
Uptake of anions increases phosphorus mineralisation
Enhanced phosphate release from poorly soluble phosphates
Kieserite outperforms calcined magnesite on neutral to basic soils
Nanoparticles improve phosphate availability
Calcium foliars compared
Foliar with nano-sized calcium carbonate
Nano-sized nutrients may boost tomato growth and antioxidants
Foliar nitrogen fertiliser with loss control agent
Researchers design first nitrogenase mimic
Alternative to Haber-Bosch process

Urease and nitrification inhibitors
Novel potent urease inhibitors
Urease inhibitor NBPT reduces urea uptake by maize roots
Nitrification inhibitor can enter food chain

Phosphorus recycling and mobilisation
Meat and bone meal as a source of phosphorus
Phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge-coal
Predicting performance of waste products as phosphorus fertiliser
Cover crops affect phosphorus status of succeeding crops
Plead for research on phosphorus mobilizing crops and mixtures

Organic fertilisers and organic matter
Biochar can ameliorate salinity stress in potato
Lazy microbes are key for soil carbon and nitrogen sequestration
Growing crops on organic soils increases greenhouse gas emissions
Nitrogen contribution of catch crops quantified
Weed control with organic fertiliser
Added value of liquid mineral concentrates assessed
Amino acids biosynthesis byproducts are suitable nitrogen source for maize
Biochar-derived humic substances change a plants’ phosphorus perception
Biochar increases damping-off severity

Rhizobia, mycorrhizae and other beneficials
Nitrogen-fixing inoculant increases phosphate availability
Selenium stimulates root nodulation of alfalfa
Entomopathogenic fungus alleviates iron chlorosis
Soil bacteria deliver nitrogen to grasses
Signal molecule for plant-symbiont interactions stimulates root growth

Research network
What a ‘CERN’ for agricultural science could look like

Climate change
Global nitrogen footprint mapped: substantial nitrogen pollution embedded in international trade
Better nitrogen use for a hungrier planet

Silicates raise soil pH faster than dolomitic lime
Silicon accumulator can increase soil crust
Silicon reduces coffee root-knot nematode attack
Silicon reduces iron deficiency response
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Publications about potato nutrition research
Publications about plant nutrition research
Recent silicon publications

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