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Single issues / Plant nutrition courier 2015-03

Contents Plant nutrition courier 2015-03

Arable farming
Seedlings with vigorous root growth can save on fertiliser phosphate on fertile soil
Farmers can prevent nutrient runoff based on land characteristics
Melatonin makes maize more cold-tolerant
5 to 15 cm best band depth of potassium for maize
Nitrogen strategies for wheat for biscuit
Adjusting seed rate on soil fertility
Elevated CO2 at night inhibits nighttime nitrate assimilation
Significant effects of pig slurry on soil pH

Potato nutrition
Partial root-zone drying can improve potato phosphorus use efficiency
Microtuber production in nutrient spray bioreactor
Publications about potato nutrition research

Fruits and vegetables / Ornamentals
Nutrient recovery from greenhouse wastewater
Nutrient deficiency improves nutritional quality of strawberry
Nickel increases strawberry yield
High phosphorus rate at seedling stage can reduce total phosphorus use in cucumber
Iodine biofortification of vegetables
Excessive nitrogen reduces selenium content

Plant and soil analytics / Fertilisers
In-situ pH electrode discloses soil pH variability
New agreement for advanced fertiliser research
Nanoscale calcium oxide is phloem-mobile
Urea coated with recycled plastic
Vegetable urease and nitrification inhibitors

Endphytes and mycorrhizae
Endophytes produce nitrogen inside plant tissue
Mycorrhiza blamed for reduced zinc availability at high soil-phosphorus
Mycorrhiza improves nutritional quality of tomato

Grass breeders can utilize difference in silicon deposition
Breeding silicon-rich turfgrass for enhanced stress tolerance
Silicon can compensate for nitrogen deficit in wheat
More sugar with silicon
Hosta flourishes on silicon
Silicon disarms fungal ethylene
Zeolite seed coating
Chinese researchers report dark side of silicon dioxide nanoparticles
Recent silicon publications

Focus on plant nutrition products
Indicator for maximizing milk yield per kilogram phosphate
New fertiliser additives from the family of maleic-itaconic copolymers
Fertiliser additive knowhow available for license
Potassium chloride plus sodium tetraborate
Organic acids enriched potassium carbonate
Nano-sized elemental sulphur

Publications about potato nutrition research
Publications about plant nutrition research
Recent silicon publications
Calendar of events

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