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Single issues / Plant nutrition courier 2015-02

Contents Plant nutrition courier 2015-02

Changing Climate
Increased atmospheric carbon dioxide levels restrict the ability of plants to absorb nutrients

Arable farming
Deep-placed phosphorus improves competiveness against weeds
Modern hybrid maize roots are more nitrogen efficient
Organic nitrogen induces deficiency response
Zinc tablet for coffee tree
Iron translocation explains difference in iron deficiency sensitivity
Manure banding reduces need for starter fertiliser
Heterogeneous nutrient distribution with depth increases wheat root growth and water uptake
Nitrogen rate affects phenolic composition of wheat

Potato nutrition
Gene expression tells nitrogen status
Murashige and Skoog NPK level too low for potato

Steel slag is suitable for substrate liming
Response of container-grown shrubs to controlled-release fertiliser rates
Petunia: recommended rates of controlled-release fertiliser too high

Fruits and vegetables
Mini cabbage: moderate ammonium concentration alleviates low light intensity stress
Grafted tomato seedling needs high EC
Postpone harvest of Chinese broccoli at cloudy weather
Deficiency symptoms in eggplant

Plant and soil analytics
Soil total nitrogen predicts fertiliser response
Gene expression tells nitrogen status

Zinc tablet for coffee tree
Controlled-release zinc fertiliser
DCD in feed reduces N2O emission
Turf Fertilizer Calculator

Role of mycorrhizae in zinc aquisition
Mycorrhiza releases phosphatase
Taproot plants and fibrous rooted plants respond differently to mycorrhizae

Focus on fertiliser products
ICL Fertilizers and Volcani Center start new research center
Oil-based micronutrient coating for fertilisers
Acetate as potassium carrier for liquid fertilisers
Novel dispersant
Magnesium chloride
Potassium humate

Publications about potato nutrition research
Publications about plant nutrition research

Calendar of events
Letter to the Editor

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